Microsoft launches Avatar Kinect for Xbox 360


Microsoft today announced the Kinect Avatar, which allows a gamer to personalize their Kinect avatar to interact with other gamers. This new feature utilizes the Kinect camera to track a gamer’s facial expressions and display them on the avatar.

With Avatar Kinect, gamers can personalize their avatar to interact with up to seven other Kinect friends in different virtual stages, such as outer space and a sports tailgate party. The Kinect camera will track a gamer’s facial expression such as eyebrow movement, mouth, and eyes, and displays the expressions on the avatar.

Gamers can also add sparkling lines and other cool effects around their avatar using Kinect Sarkle, which will launch this week.

These avatars can be shared on the Fun Labs Live friends feed, or uploaded to In fact, gamers will also be able to upload their creations to Facebook.

Take a look at the video below for a demonstration: