Microsoft Launcher updates with several improvements for Surface Duo owners

Brad Stephenson

Surface Duo With Woman Dark

The Microsoft Launcher Android app received a new update this past week that brought it up to Version 6.2.201102.92686 and made several new improvements such as adding support for screen time for Surface Duo users and enabling multi-touch app icon moving on the home screen on compatible Android devices.

Here’s the full release notes with the changes and improvements:

  • Improvements on opening feed page in landscape and concurrent with another app on Surface Duo
  • Support overview on single screen of Surface Duo
  • Support screen time on Surface Duo
  • Improvement on app group creation flow via context menu
  • Multi-touch of app icon repositioning supported on home screen
  • Support keyword search in Office apps
  • Improvements on spacing and icons consistency in app drawer
  • Fixed known bugs on app drawer, app icon size, folder swipe up gesture

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