Microsoft Launcher honored on the “Garage Wall of Fame,” reaches 15 million installs

Laurent Giret

Microsoft Launcher

Since its debut as the Arrow Launcher for Android, the new Microsoft Launcher has already become one of the most successful Microsoft Garage projects. Six month after its public launch, the Android launcher has pretty much become a must-have for Microsoft fans using Android devices, and Microsoft announced this week that the Launcher is the latest app to enter its Garage Wall of Fame.

“In Oct 2017, Arrow Launcher officially graduated from the Garage as Microsoft Launcher, and it has been a very important part of the overall Windows Mobility and Merchandising Experience (MMX) to improve overall cross-device experience between PC and mobile,” the team explained. “A few months later, Microsoft Launcher celebrated 15 million installs and has become an important part of the Microsoft 365 offering.”

The Arrow Launcher team (left) grew to become the Microsoft Launcher team (right).

While 15 millions installs isn’t much when put in perspective with the 2 billion active Android devices in the wild, this remains very good for an app that’s still very young. Moreover, Microsoft claims today that its Launcher is “the #1 launcher in the Android Play Store,” which is quite impressive. If you have yet to try it, you can download the Microsoft Launcher on your Android phone from the download link below.

Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Launcher
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