Microsoft Launcher gets new gesture and sorting options on Android

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Arrow Launcher on Android

Microsoft Launcher for Android devices has updated to Version 4.9. This new update brings new gesture options for the Home button and locking your Home screen in addition to a much-needed option for sorting apps alphabetically.

Here’s the full release notes.

  • Improved Home screen import logic
  • Sort your apps alphabetically in folders
  • Display names of apps or folders in your dock
  • Customizable gesture for pressing the Home button from the Home screen
  • New gesture option that lets you quickly lock your Home screen

Launcher is an official tool released by Microsoft that allows users to customize the appearance of their Android operating system. Do you have Microsoft Launcher installed on your Android device? Let us know if you’d recommend it to others in the comments below and make sure to follow us on Twitter for more Microsoft app news.

Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Launcher
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