Microsoft isn’t changing the Windows Logo in Windows 8, it was all Photoshop [UPDATE]

Zac Bowden

A new report was released earlier today suggesting that Microsoft was planning to change the Windows Logo to something more Metro-type. The report came with photo’s as evidence, all of which looked far to familiar. We’re going to explore these photos, and show you how false they are.

CNBeta recently reported that Microsoft was planning to change the Windows Logo for the upcoming Windows 8 release. The report came with photos as evidence, which caught many peoples eye. There was something strange about the photos, they all seemed a little un-original.

Paul Thurrott, a technology enthusiast had previously posted a review about Windows 8 and the start button on devices, with the review a photo of a Windows 8 tablet was on show. This image has been edited to look like the Windows logo had been updated, observe:

Not only that, but the report also showed us a picture of the Charm Bar with the new logo, which has also been photoshoped from WinUnleaked:

It’s easy to photoshop photos when you know how, I mocked one up to show you how easy it is:

Mockup, not real.

Now obviously, we have no proof of these images being real or fake, we can just assume depending on how similar each image is. We will let you decide on what one you think is real.

UPDATE: According to CNBeta, the images were purposely photoshopped to protect themselves from NDA, and that the logo is indeed real. We have no proof to confirm his, only the word from CNBeta themselves. So, believe what you will, but treat this as a rumour until evidence is revealed. We will keep you posted on any updates.

UPDATE AGAIN: Microsoft has revealed on the 17th of Feb that this logo is indeed real. The guys over at CNBeta were unable to post the real image of the logo, so they created a mockup of the logo. So was it fake? Yes and no. Check out the real logo here.