Microsoft is working on a “Game Mode” feature which may bring an enhanced gaming experience to Windows 10

Arif Bacchus

Windows 10 Sign Logo NYC

From an improved settings app, lower blue light mode, tab expansion in Edge, and app folders in the Start Menu, the leaked version of  Windows 10 build 14997 has been filled with lots of treats for Windows Insiders. As is usual with these leaked builds, though, as time progresses, Windows Insiders tend to find more new and upcoming features. We have just learned (via Windows Central) that Microsoft may be working on a “Game Mode” feature which could bring an enhanced gaming experience to Windows 10.

As tweeted by well known Microsoft leaker WalkingCat, the hints at The “Game Mode” feature were spotted via a “Gamemode.dll” file in the System 32 folder of Windows 10 Build 14997. According to Walking Cat, this means that in upcoming builds, Windows may adjust its resource allocation logic to prioritize the game when “Game Mode” is turned on, with services and resources scaled back or turned off in order to provide the best gaming experience.

The feature, however, is not currently working or enabled, so it is looking like it will more likely show up in a more official matter in future builds for Windows Insiders.  It also still is not clear if Game mode will work with all games on Windows 10, or just games which were downloaded from the Windows Store. Rest assured, though, we will be here to cover all your Windows 10 news, so follow us on Twitter and be sure to stay tuned for more information.