Microsoft is rolling out Surface Laptop UEFI and Firmware Updates to Windows Insiders

Arif Bacchus

Surface Laptop Hands on

Being a Windows Insider comes with its fair share of benefits: you get to try out new features, and then submit your feedback to Microsoft to help build the future of Windows 10. Well, turns out some Windows Insiders with Surface Laptops recently were in for a little bonus. As pointed out by Windows Central, Microsoft is testing Surface Laptop specific UEFI and Firmware updates with Windows Insiders enrolled in the Fast and Release Preview rings.

The updates started rolling out on September 12th and reportedly changed the generic 1.0 drivers that come with the Surface Laptop to some much longer numbers, similar to those on the Surface Pro 4 and other Surface devices. Even though the Surface Laptop Update History page currently lists no new updates for September, Windows Central detailed the following updates, in addition to other updates for Surface Integration Service Device, Surface Integration, and System:

  • UEFI going from 136.1668.769.0 to 136.1736.769.0
  • Keyboard driver updates from generic 1.0.0 to 135.1713.0
  • System Aggregator updates from 1.0.0 to 135.1704.1.0
  • Trackpad driver updates from 1.0.0 to 2.122.2683.0

By testing UEFI and Firmware Updates with Windows Insiders first, Microsoft is obviously trying to avoid having the general public install updates which may cause problems on their devices. You can expect Microsoft to push out this update to a wider audience soon, so be sure to keep tuned for more information.