Microsoft is aware of the passion for a Windows 10 blurred taskbar

Sean Michael

Surface Pro Running Windows 10

There are a few things that users seem to universally want in Windows 10, unified user interface, dark theme, and blur effect. We now have a bit of hope that Microsoft is working on two of these oft requested features thanks to a response on Reddit from an official MSFT Champ (via Microsoft-News). When asked about blur effect in the taskbar and a global dark theme, the Microsoft employee with the username Jen [MSFT Champ] elected to answer about the blur effect stating

“You’re correct – we originally had it, and then it had to be removed for performance reasons. Team is aware of the (passionate [winky face]) feedback to bring it back. Feel free to lend your voice to the feedback over in the feedback app.”

This isn’t a promise that it will return but it does show that Microsoft is aware of the passion for the blur effect to extend throughout the operating system. The blur effect is already present in the Start Menu and is quite popular among layout and design enthusiasts. The lack of the same effect in the taskbar frustrates users both because it creates an inconsistent design and lacks customization options. Hopefully Microsoft can work out the mentioned performance issues and get the blur effect to work on the taskbar.
Jen is an MSFT Champ who works on receiving feedback through social media. In her introductory post on Reddit she listed some of the major areas she works on “probably the more prominent ones you’ve heard of – action center, task bar, start menu, tablet mode, task view, virtual desktop. touch keyboard, input switching, autocorrect…” These are lightning rod areas for layout and design fans so it’s nice to see Microsoft have a person dedicated to receiving feedback on them through social media.