Microsoft invites developers to their //Publish/ event, offers coaching and 1:1 consulting


Microsoft invites developers at their //Publish/ event

This week on May 16-17, Microsoft is teaming up with community experts in producing an event called //Publish/. This event is going to be huge, taking place in 60 cities across 38 countries. The main aim of //Publish/ is to provide support for developers all around the world. All the invited developers will be provided coaching and one to one consulting. If you have an unfinished app or you’re in the final development stages, you will be provided help in getting your apps over the finish line, and published in the Windows Store.

The amazing thing about this event is that, not only you’ll get assistance from the community, but Microsoft experts will also help you in improving the app you’re developing. That’s not all, it will also get published on the Windows Store or Windows Phone Store before you leave the event.

There are a lot of awesome prizes as well. If you think your app is great, you can enter it for a chance to win those prizes. They are categorized as: 

  • Best Windows 8.1 app can get you a trip to the 2014 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix.
  • Best Windows Phone 8.1 app can get you $10,000 to build your own ultimate dev cave.
  • Best Cross-Platform app will get you a MakerBot 3D printer.
  • The top 9 runners-up in each group will win a Nokia Lumia 1520.

//Publish/ will feature:

  • Quality factors such as design, performance, and testing
  • Building outstanding interfaces for multiple screen resolutions
  • Extending the reach of your app through localization and globalization, and adding new device types with universal projects
  • Adding extra features that make your app or game really shine, like Live Tiles, Push Notifications, Background Tasks, etc.
  • Maximizing the impact of your app through great monetization practices

If you’re a developer, hurry and register now for the //Publish/ event nearest you by visiting