Microsoft introduces new Fluent-inspired Developer portal

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft has released the new redesigned Developer portal. As explained by Microsoft’s Den Delimarsky, the new Developer page is powered by the Microsoft Docs infrastructure.

In addition to some of the benefits Delimarsky pointed out thanks to the new infrastructure—including easier updatability, support for more devices, as well as dark and high contrast display modes—the new Developer page also brings Microsoft’s new Fluent design icons as well as gentle shadows to put it closer to par with its other services.

The Microsoft Developer portal is a place for developers that provides quick access to tools, services, and documentation to help them build apps and services, whether for desktops, mobile devices, the web, game consoles, or IoT. The website also provides quick links to Microsoft’s various services for developers: Azure, GitHub, and Visual Studio, and tools to create apps that integrate with Microsoft 365.

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