Microsoft introduces Coco Framework, makes blockchain networks enterprise ready

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft India

Microsoft today introduced Coco Framework, with the aim of making blockchain networks enterprise ready. The CoCo Framework is a big help for enterprises, as more and more enterprises are looking to apply blockchain to meet business needs.

The open source Coco Framework system will bring performance and the processing power that enterprises are looking for. According to Microsoft, this will be achieved since Coco is “specifically for confidential consortiums, where nodes and actors are explicitly declared and controlled.”

Microsoft also revealed that Coco Framework will also bring an alternative approach to Ledger construction. It will help enable entire-ready block chain networks which can do the following:

  • Throughput and latency approaching database speeds.
  • Richer, more flexible, business-specific confidentiality models.
  • Network policy management through distributed governance.
  • Support for non-deterministic transactions.

Microsoft issued the following statement in regards to Coco Framework:

“We have listened to the needs of our customers and the blockchain community and are bringing foundational functionality with the Coco Framework. Through an innovative combination of advanced algorithms and trusted execution environments (TEEs), like Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (SGX) or Windows Virtual Secure Mode (VSM), we believe this takes the next step toward making blockchain ready for business.”

More details about Coco are available in the technical whitepaper, and a demo is available in the MSCloud Youtube page.