Microsoft introduces AI-Powered Skills in Viva and global rollout of Viva Amplify

Priya Walia

Microsoft Viva Goals

Microsoft has introduced two revolutionary innovations at the HR Technology Conference that are expected to redefine employee engagement and workforce communication.

The first innovation is Skills in Microsoft Viva, an AI-powered service designed to help organizations achieve high-performance excellence.

The second innovation is Viva Amplify, a multichannel workforce communication hub now available worldwide.

Viva Amplify: Centralizing Workforce Communications

Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing employee experiences takes center stage with the global release of Viva Amplify. This dynamic platform centralizes campaign management, publishing, and reporting, providing business leaders and corporate communicators with a powerful tool to connect and engage with employees effectively. Through multichannel publishing, communicators can effortlessly deliver information to specific employees across various apps and devices, streamlining the creation and management of organization-wide or targeted campaigns.

Skills in Microsoft Viva: Transforming Skills Management with AI

Accompanying Viva Amplify’s global launch is the introduction of Skills in Microsoft Viva, an AI-powered service set to revolutionize skills management within organizations.

Skills in Viva leverages the formidable capabilities of the Microsoft Graph and the LinkedIn Skills Graph. By intelligently analyzing employee activity signals across Microsoft 365 applications and services and mapping them against a vast array of global skills, this service offers organizations a deep understanding of their workforce’s skills. It protects user privacy by sharing only aggregated skills data from the LinkedIn Skills Graph.

Key Scenarios Enriched by Skills in Viva

  • Strategic Workforce Planning: Leaders can gain real-time insights into their organization’s talent landscape, facilitating agile workforce development. New dashboards within Viva Insights enable leaders to visualize skill metrics, identify capabilities, gaps, and opportunities, and understand how skills are distributed across teams and levels.
  • Upskilling and Reskilling: HR and Learning and Development teams can harness Skills in Viva insights to create targeted learning programs for rapid upskilling and reskilling. Viva Learning now intelligently suggests new learning content based on employees’ current skill development needs.
  • Skill Discovery in the Flow of Work: Skills are smartly suggested for employees based on signals from the Microsoft Graph. Employees can confirm and manage their skills within the Viva interface, with confirmed skills displayed in their Microsoft 365 profile card, accessible across various Microsoft apps and services.

Microsoft’s vision for Skills in Viva is to provide an open, extensible platform that integrates seamlessly with third-party applications, allowing customers to maintain a unified skills view.

Skills in Viva is scheduled to enter private preview by the end of 2023 and will be a part of the Microsoft Viva suite. This ambitious endeavor underlines Microsoft’s commitment to helping organizations thrive in an AI-powered future where skilled and engaged employees propel high-performance outcomes.