Microsoft will be working on improving Windows 11 performance next year

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft is taking user feedback seriously. As spotted by Neowin, Microsoft has confirmed that it is working to address performance issues in Windows 11 next year, suggesting that the next featured update for the operating system could boost the way some apps run on new and existing Windows 11 PCs.

More specifically, Microsoft mentioned this in a Reddit Ask Us Anything session held by the Windows Developer Team. There, the company detailed that focus in 2022 will go into startup and launch performance. That also includes things like UI rendering, Microsoft mentioned that it has a dedicated team to tackle the topic “holistically,” and that “there’s multiple things we’re collectively doing here to try and make sure we have a good perf story.”

This seems like good news for app developers, as well as end-users. Windows 11 is already heavily optimized for improved performance. The OS can handle memory management a lot better, to favor the apps that you have open and running in the foreground. Windows 11 also expands the use of compression technologies so that the default rates of non-critical apps will be a “stub.”

All of these performance improvements were previously discussed by Microsoft in a YouTube video. It will be interesting to see where Microsoft can take things next year with the Windows 11 22H2 update, especially with feedback and help from developers.