Microsoft hopes to sell 25 million more Xbox 360 consoles, despite announcing the Xbox One



Microsoft’s Xbox 360 entertainment console remains the top-selling gaming console in the United States for 28 consecutive months, but that’s not stopping the software giant from its hopes to sell 25 million more Xbox 360 units.

Microsoft recently announced the Xbox One, the next generation Xbox console that succeeds the Xbox 360. Even though Microsoft announced this new entertainment device, the software giant hopes to sell 25 million more Xbox 360 units and is planning a “huge announcement” for the Xbox 360 during the E3 entertainment expo in June. No word on exactly what this announcement could be about.

Microsoft is also looking to roll out an update for the Xbox 360 dashboard, which will offer a “refreshed user interface” as well as smaller Live Tiles. This is similar to what Windows 8.1 (Windows Blue) is set to do for Windows 8. Microsoft is also rumored to be tweaking the look of the dashboard with darker or lighter themes. Perhaps Microsoft has something else up its sleeve for the E3 expo next month.