Microsoft HoloLens experience showcase opens for developers at the Microsoft Flagship Store in New York

Staff Writer

Since October 13th, Microsoft has been on the road demonstrating its fully untethered holographic computer, HoloLens, to developers. Granted the idea of a hologram seems intriguing enough, Microsoft wants developers to experience the power of HoloLens for themselves, hopefully inspiring them to create meaningful content for its Windows 10 based platform. With such an overwhellining positive response from developers, Microsoft is excited to extend this experience to even more interested individuals by opening the HoloLens experience showcase in its Flagship store in New York.
Since HoloLen’s debut, Microsoft has done its best to show off both practical and entermainment uses for its hologram platform. Microsoft has teamed up with companies like NASA who see the value of HoloLens with holographic instruction manuals, and wish to have a few HoloLens devices aviable for use during their next commercial resupply mission.
Applications for the HoloLens appear to be almost limitless, but one thing seems clear, it has the potential to revolutize 3D design. Design leaders Autodesk see the potential of the HoloLens with their Fusion 360design program and have also announced a partnership with Microsoft. This partnership will allow engineers to work togheter in real-time to develop and design products in a mixed reality environment.
HoloLens developer experience
Even with large companies like Autodesk and NASA primed to build applications for HoloLens, Microsoft is looking attract any developer interested in writing programs for HoloLens. As a result, Microsoft has added its tour showcase to its New York store. Of course, one can not simply walk into the New York store and expect a hands on. Developers are asked to register at Microsoft’s HoloLens Events page starting today. Granted, experiencing HoloLens in a 90 minute session is only to whet a developer’s appetite, so Microsoft is allowing developers to preorder developer kits for HoloLens for $3,000 through their developer site.
Although I am not a developer, yet, I would love the chance to experience HoloLens for myself. If you are, however, a developer, let us know what ideas you have for HoloLens and if you will be making the trek to New York for some hands-on time.