Microsoft highlights how HoloLens 2 helps pharmaceutical giant, Novo Nordisk

Arif Bacchus

This past OnPodcast episode we spoke with TikTok’s Metaverse Max about how he uses HoloLens 2 as a consumer. Yet, HoloLens is still an enterprise device, and Microsoft recently posted about how the European pharmaceutical giant, Novo Nordisk, uses HoloLens 2 in their operations.

One of the biggest ways that HoloLens 2 is in use at Novo Nordisk is with augmented instructions. This can help floor employees onboard for new procedures, without having to read elaborate instructions. Instead, HoloLens 2 provides 3D instructions, about turning levers, bolts, and more for lineworkers. The pharmaceutical giant also uses Remote Assist, in the process of creating virtual site visits.

In the words of Alex Knudsen, a technician on the Oral Finished Product line at Novo Nordisk’s production facility.

“Instead of having to wait for the engineer to be able to gain access, we just put on the HoloLens and then accessed the program onsite. He helped us make the changes that we needed. This is a very good option.”

Despite a shakeup on the HoloLens team with Alex Kipman, Microsoft remains committed to the headset with the HoloLens division being split with two other Microsoft businesses. The Mixed Reality Hardware division is being moved into the Windows + Devices business under Panos Panay and the Mixed Reality Presence and Collaboration portion (software) is being moved to the Experience + Devices division at Microsoft.