Microsoft highlights how to use Surface Dial with Paint 3D

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft Surface Dial

Now that the Internet has recovered from its mini stroke over the misconstrued notion that Microsoft would be ‘killing off’ paint, the company would like to put the focus on its pseudo replacement in Paint 3D.

To be clear Paint 3D isn’t being pitched by the Windows team as a replacement but a new app with bits of the original Paint features rolled into it.

With that being said, a new blog post from the Windows team is highlighting just how much more robust Paint 3D is over the Spartan-esque functionality of Paint when combined with a Surface Dial.

The Surface Dial makes it easy to rotate as you paint. Using your digital pen, use the 3D tools to draw a 3D object or pull a model from the Remix 3D community. Click on the art tools button and choose a brush and color. Start painting on your 3D model and keep your pen stationary while turning the dial to rotate the object underneath.

From quickly undoing gesture and marks to flying through colors and brushes, the Surface Dial is making it even easier to pull out all the hidden features in Paint 3D that tend to get lost in menu tabs, ribbon menus or hamburger icons.

For those looking to get their hands on a Surface Dial, they can be found at your local Microsoft retail store or online at the Microsoft Store.

Furthermore, the Surface Dial is compatible with the Surface Studio, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro and Surface Book, thus ensuring that very few Surface owners are left behind when purchasing a Microsoft flagship computing device.