Microsoft hid an Easter egg inside Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512

Sean Michael

Microsoft hid an Easter egg inside Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512

Build 10512 of Windows 10 Mobile dropped yesterday. The build includes 2,000 bug fixes but no new features. That doesn’t mean, however, that Microsoft didn’t sneak something in. If you do a hard reset of your device and are running the latest build, you’ll see a hidden Easter egg that alludes to Microsoft’s birthday.

Birthday Easter egg

Microsoft was created on 4 April 1975 and a set of wallpaper images is listed under that year for those that hard reset their device. The folks at Windows Central were the first to notice the hidden egg. To see the photos you can either go into the photos app or go to set your wallpaper or lock screen images. The images back dated to April 1975 are a set of wallpaper images including Microsoft’s Hero wallpaper image that was made with much fanfare. Microsoft even went into enough detail to date them to the 4th of April 1975, the actual day Microsoft was created.

Birthday Easter egg 2

Microsoft seems to enjoy throwing in jokes and Easter eggs and has recently embraced their Ninja Cat silliness. While Microsoft is a premier company for productivity, they have a loyal fanbase that enjoys fun jokes and the hidden humor from the folks at Redmond.