Microsoft helps Windows Phone owners import Gmail contacts in 60 seconds

Brad Stephenson

Gmail on Windows Phone

Microsoft has just released another video in their 60 Seconds Productivity Hack series, this time focusing on importing Google contacts and email to a Windows Phone. The video (which actually runs for a minute and 15 seconds, but who’s counting) is fairly straight forward and to the point, though most new Windows Phone users will take more than the promised 60 seconds to enter their Google username and password, and navigate the device’s interface. Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure.

Here at WinBeta, we’ve actually been fairly busy creating guides and how-tos of our own to help readers better understand their Windows devices. We’ve published a range of videos and articles ranging from how to write an email with Cortana and find OneDrive music in Groove Music to a step-by-step guide for syncing settings between Windows 10 devices and even how to boot from a USB stick on a Surface Pro.
Are there any guides that you would like to see made as a video or article? Let us know in the comments below.