Microsoft helps Mexico simplify paying taxes

Kit McDonald

In collaboration with the Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT), Microsoft is enabling the tax authority in Mexico to bring simplified taxes and increased government revenue to the country. Taxpayers in Mexico automatically have their wages reported to the SAT, collected via the Azure Cloud. Even their deductible business purchases are automatically routed to the collection of information that inevitably comes back around during tax season.

Taxpayers are able to use a simple app developed by Microsoft that lets them review the information, adjust as needed, then click a single button to send the information to the revenue service. Beyond how easy the process is to file taxes, refunds can be delivered to the users in less than a week.

To emphasize the abilities of the self-service platform, the SAT actually used the application to process all of the tax returns this year without any incidents to hinder its progress. The process was a huge success for Mexico, bringing them more tax collections than the previous year. In fact, it was reported by the SAT that the government received an additional 15% increase in revenue from taxes, a statistic they are attributing to the ease of filing taxes. Juan Manuel Galarza, SAT General Administrator for Communications and Information Technology, shared his thoughts:

“This year, taxpayers relied on new technologies developed by the team at Microsoft, which made the application simple, intuitive and easy to use. In addition, taxpayers benefited from proper planning and effort from SAT staff, who each day offered an efficient and transparent service. This is a great example of technological innovation and human talent working together for the growth of Mexico.”

Taxpayers in Mexico can now spend less time, money, and energy on overwhelming paperwork and get back to what’s important in their lives. As the second largest Azure customer, SAT will continue to work closely with Microsoft as they advance towards a much more efficient and transparent service.