Microsoft Health app is coming to Windows 10 PCs this week

Kellogg Brengel

Band 2 in Dock

Earlier today Microsoft announced an update for the Microsoft Band which includes a new Explore Tile to track hikes. The announcement was in-line with previous rumors regarding a soon to be released update. It had also been rumored that the Microsoft Health app would be making its way to Windows 10 PCs. Well, now any speculation can be put to rest as today’s announcement by Microsoft confirmed the Microsoft Health app will be coming to Windows 10 PCs by the end of this week.

The Microsoft Health app is the counterpart to the Microsoft Band for syncing your data and accessing certain settings. Previously, it was only available as a mobile app on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The app lets you view detailed metrics from all the health and activity data your Band collects. It also is where you change certain settings for the Band such as swapping out tiles or accent colors and background images.

Band owners could still access their health data from PCs, but only through Microsoft Health’s web dashboard. With the new Microsoft Health app for Windows 10 PCs, Band owners will be able to sync their Band to their PC or Tablet through a USB cable and be able to “manage tiles, personalize your band, update firmware, and more.” And the Live Tile for the new app will display info like your step count and calorie burn in your Start menu.

The Microsoft Health app begins making its way to the Windows Store this week and can be found in the app box below.

Microsoft Band
Microsoft Band
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