Is Microsoft already producing next-gen Xbox chips?

Zac Bowden

It was only a matter of time before more next-gen Xbox rumours began. Today, sources are claiming that Microsoft have started to produce chips for the next generation Xbox. The chips are being manufactured by IBM and Globalfoundries.

The technology giant Microsoft is rumoured to have ordered around ten thousand chips for the next generation Xbox console. The chips are codenamed Oban chips, according to Market rumours and SemiAccurate.

The chip includes PowerPC microprocessor cores, as well as AMD Radeon HD graphics engine based on the graphics core next architecture. The ordered batch of processors are rumoured to be for development kits.

The next generation Xbox console is rumoured to run on an altered Windows 9 core, and include PC-like graphics. It is also rumoured that Microsoft is planning to release two types of Xbox’s, one for home entertainment and one for pure gamers.

The next-gen Xbox is rumoured for a release date in 2013.