Microsoft is offering four months of Groove Music Pass for the price of one

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Groove Music

Microsoft is currently holding a special promotional campaign for its Groove Music service where the company is rewarding users with three months of free Groove Music Pass usage.

To take advantage of the offer, customers must be first-time Groove Music Pass users and must sign up for at least one month of paid Groove Music Pass service. After the first month is over, Microsoft will email participants with a code they can redeem for three additional free months. Customers who have previously tried the Groove Music Pass service are eligible for a 30 day free discount.

Groove Music is Microsoft’s digital music online store and media player that essentially works in a similar way to Apple’s iTunes service. The Groove Music Pass is a premium streaming service which allows for monthly subscribers to stream music they don’t own completely ad-free, offline, and across a variety of devices like the Xbox One, PC, and numerous smartphones.

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