Microsoft gives employees a free Surface tablet, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 PC

Zac Bowden

Microsoft seems to be going all out on it’s employees this month, since the company is planning to give out a free Surface, Windows Phone 8 device and Windows 8 PC to all employees, that’s all 90,000 of them. Doesn’t this make you want to work for them?

Obviously, giving your employees free equipment is always a good thing, but when you have over 90,000 employees it’s a different story. Still, that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from kitting out each and every one of them with awesome hardware.

The announcement was made at an all employee meeting at Microsoft, which say 90,000 plus employees back themselves into Redmond. Yes, it’s a big number, but they managed to do it, even though they may have cause some traffic delays around the area.

It’s great to see Microsoft giving out all this hardware to its employees, it shows that the company is willing to allow their employees the best they can offer. I’m sure it isn’t a good idea to arrive at Microsoft campus with a MacBook in your bag, that’s practically giving the company you work for the middle finger.