Microsoft is giving users another free month of Groove Music

Vu Anh Nguyen

For those who needs more than one month to sample a music streaming service before deciding on one, Microsoft’s newly-announced offer for Groove Music would be the perfect opportunity.

Specifically, Microsoft is adding one more month to the usual 30-day trial period for its music streaming service, making the total trial time 60 days. The offer even extends to people whose trial period is over but have not yet subscribed to Groove Music, as they will also get 30 more days of free usage. Of course, a credit card will still be needed to register, and you will be charged after the free trial period if you haven’t cancelled it by then. It should be more comforting and enticing to know that you have double the time to make the decision, however; unless if you’re outside of the US, as Microsoft has again decided to stick to their homebase with this offer.

Groove Music, formerly Xbox Live Music, is Microsoft’s rebranded ad-free, subscription-based music streaming service. Notable features include a 40-million song catalog, offline download, radio feature, and availability on PC, mobile, Xbox and SONOS. The monthly subscription goes for $9.99.

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