Microsoft Garage opens Reality Rooms to all MS employees

Laurent Giret

Microsoft’s mission statement is to empower every person and organization to achieve more, and this naturally includes the company’s employees. The Microsoft Garage, which provides spaces for hacking and building for all employees and interns is a perfect representation of this commitment.

After opening internal makerspaces with 3D printers and more around the world, the Redmond giant has recently created several “Reality Rooms” at its Garage locations where employees can experiment with Mixed Reality (via VRFocus). This all about “learning by doing,” as the company explained in a blog post.

“Whether it’s learning to write some code, or jumping into an immersive digital experience, employees love the hands-on aspect, wrote Mike Pell, Principal Design Lead for the Microsoft Garage. “In fact, some of our early visitors and volunteers are already coming up with exciting new ideas to pursue.”

The different Reality Rooms have been designed to be “both an inspirational showcase and an active workspace”. In addition to VR headsets, HoloLens and other AR glasses, the locations also feature state-of-the-art tech including 360 VR cameras sensors, surround sound speakers, green screen motion capture capabilities and more.

“As the industry pushes forward in this exciting realm, The Garage Reality Room will continue to evolve as we track new developments, but more importantly, we’ll grow our capabilities and focus to meet the interests and passion of our employees and interns,” the Senior Designer explained.