Microsoft forced to reconsider SkyDrive name due to trademark case with TV broadcaster

Zac Bowden


SkyDrive is a well known cloud storage service now, it’s heavily baked into Windows 8 and Windows Phone, and is used by millions of users everyday. However, it seems a court case in the UK had forced Microsoft to reconsider the SkyDrive name. BSkyB is a TV broadcaster with channel names such as Sky One, Sky News and Sky Sports. See the similarity?

This is rather unfortunate for the company, as SkyDrive has finally made a name for itself in the cloud storage market. A re-brand may slow its growth. Microsoft will have to do lots of advertising with the new name to get people to realize its the same service.

It’s currently unclear what the company plans on renaming SkyDrive, hidden strings found in Windows 8.1 point towards the name Microsoft Drive, but as nothing has been confirmed we can’t be sure.

What are your thoughts here? Are Microsoft in the wrong naming their service SkyDrive or are BSkyB making a big deal out of nothing?