Microsoft Flight Simulator gets a fix for the glitch that still needs another fix to fix it

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Flight Simulator video game on Xbox and Windows

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s recent update did add some cool content relating to Italy, Malta, and other regions but it also seems to have introduced some rather critical bugs that are causing the popular sim game to crash on Windows PC, Xbox consoles, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Microsoft published a blog post earlier today about how they’re tackling the Flight Simulator crash issue and it’s a bit of a confusing read that essentially states that the company released a server-side fix to fix the issue on Xbox consoles and Xbox Cloud Gaming but that players are still encountering the problem and are encouraged to play the game on Xbox Cloud Gaming… where they’re still experiencing the crash issue. Don’t worry though as the team is working on a hot fix to fix the glitch that isn’t fixed by the server-side fix which kind of maybe worked for some people and not others.

As I said, it’s a bit of a confusing read.

Basically, the recent update introduced a bug that’s causing the game to crash on all platforms and that, while it’s been fixed for some (seemingly random) players, the game is still crashing for many others.

A brief look at the replies to the official Microsoft Flight Simulator account on Twitter offer some good insight into how frustrating the situation is for players with many still waiting for fixes to major bugs that they’ve been experiencing for almost a year now.

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