Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition to arrive worldwide on December 18th

Sean Cameron

Microsoft Flight Simluator X: Steam Edition

The Flight Simulator series from Microsoft, prior to having its wings clipped somewhat prematurely, was venerated by a generation of aviation enthusiasts keen to step into the shoes of a fully fledged airline pilot.

Unfortunately, indulging in one of these detailed simulations has been quite difficult for sometime, mostly due to the lack of a digital offering. Especially as more and more newer devices lack optical drives and as PC games retailers become harder to find, the series has developed a considerable vintage.

Perhaps aware of this, or more likely due to a love of the series and a desire to see it live, Dovetail Games (the developers behind the Train Simulator series) have announced that Microsoft Flight Simulator: Steam Edition, is to hit the digital distribution service on December 18th.

Featuring highly detailed controls, multiplayer support and over 24,000 airports on offer, this is the perfect offering for any jet head in the family. Will you be jumping back into the cockpit? Let us know in the comments below.