Microsoft Flight Simulator technical beta may be coming soon

Dave W. Shanahan

It looks like Microsoft may be on the verge of releasing a technical beta of its highly anticipated Microsoft Flight Simulator. Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently testing the technical alpha version.As noted in a post on Reddit, this message appears if you opt to be removed from the Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider Program on their website. Could it signal that Microsoft is prepping for a technical beta release?

Photo credit from Reddit user Macccccci

For those that signed up to participate in the Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider Program to participate in the alpha and beta versions, but did not receive an invitation email yet to download the alpha, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Login and verify that you are a Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider.
  2. Go to, then click on “opt-out.”
  3. A dialog box will open, and display the above message. If you want to stay in the program, click “Nevermind.”

Microsoft recently posted the computer requirements for the next iteration of the Microsoft Flight Simulator technical alpha for Windows 10, but there has yet to be any timeline for when the beta will be released. Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released. The next alpha version is slated to be released in May 2020, so you may need to temper your expectations on a possible beta release.

Do you see this message n the Microsoft Flight Simulator website? Let us know in the comments.