Microsoft finds a new way to ask Chrome users why they are switching from Edge

Devesh Beri

Bing Chat

Microsoft’s campaign to discourage users from downloading Google Chrome and to promote its own Edge browser is a common practice in the tech industry. Browser wars have been ongoing for years, with different companies vying for a larger share of the browser market. Neowin reported this new thing.

The poll that appears when users attempt to download Chrome is a way for Microsoft to gather feedback about why people prefer Chrome over Edge. This information could potentially be used to improve Edge or to create targeted marketing campaigns. But at what cost?

Microsoft’s persistent efforts to steer users away from downloading Google Chrome and encourage the use of its Edge browser have been a subject of discussion and even frustration for many users.

It’s not uncommon for software companies to display prompts or messages encouraging users to stick with their products or switch to them. In this case, Microsoft is using pop-up messages and a poll to gather feedback from users who are attempting to download Chrome.

It’s important to note that while the prompts and polls might be somewhat annoying to users who have already made their browser choice, they do not block users from downloading Chrome or other browsers. Users can still choose to download and use their preferred browser.