Microsoft explains Windows 10 Mobile build delays

Staff Writer

Windows 10 Insiders received an update a month ago for PC, the first since Windows 10 went to “RTM”, and it has also been a month since Insiders got their hands on Mobile build 10512. It had been known that once Windows 10 for PCs was officially released that Microsoft would concentrate on improving Windows 10 Mobile. Many thought that would mean Mobile builds would be coming out more frequently but that hasn’t panned out.
In the post accompanying his latest tweet, Windows Insider boss Gabe Aul admits the next Windows 10 Mobile Insider build has taken “longer than expected” but he does offer an explanation as to why. Apparently, when a new build is available, it doesn’t go straight to the Fast ring Insiders, instead it goes to an internal Microsoft ring. Gabe explains that over the last month many issues have been fixed since build 10512:

  • mobile hotspot functionality now works
  • Quiet Hours\Do Not Disturb has been fixed
  • pinch and zoom in the Maps app now works as expected
  • the delay in showing the date and time on the Lock screen has been improved

Windows Build Flights
You can read our piece here explaining why it takes so long to receive a new Mobile build. In summary, as each build is tested at Microsoft, they inevitably find more issues and the team believe those issues are too critical to let the build out to Fast ring Insiders. The team have found that if a build is missing basic functionality then Insiders tend not to use the build and so can’t offer feedback. There have been three such issues in the last few weeks. Gabe also gave an insight as to how the internal team worked:

  1. The team responsible for the area diagnoses the problem and fixes the code.
  2. Microsoft then verifies that the issue is properly fixed, and doesn’t create any side effects.
  3. That change then gets integrated into a new build.
  4. Microsoft sends the build with that fix back through internal rings

Have faith Insiders, the ninja cat is about to get back on the fire breathing unicorn as Gabe hopes to press the red button on the next Mobile Build this week.