Microsoft expands Android AOSP device management capabilities

David Allen

Starting today Microsoft has expanded the ability to secure and manage Android devices that run the Android Open Source Project (ASOP).  This feature is available through Microsoft Intune, a part of Endpoint Manager.

Why the update now? Android devices have been part of the Endpoint Manager for some time.  The flexibility of the Android platform means that not all devices meet Google certification requirements to gain access to Google Mobile Services. (GMS).  Without  GMS access, core Google services such as the Play Store aren’t available.  Many devices that need to be managed in the corporate environment don’t have access to GMS but still need the ability to access corporate data securely.  Microsoft’s new platform allows devices running ASOP without GMS to be managed alongside other devices all from one platform.

For now, just RealWear devices running Android 10 or later are supported for ASOP management through the Endpoint manager.  In April 2022, Microsoft announced plans to bring advanced management features to Endpoint manager, for specialty devices.  This will be a part of a premium offering in the future.  You only need a Microsoft Intune subscription to access the new ASOP features.  Further subscriptions and requirements will be announced later for specialty devices.

The new features help streamline device provisioning, ensure device configurations are within compliance, and use secure wifi profiles.  You can learn more about the new management features and capabilities here.