Microsoft Excel now lets users insert images in cells

Kevin Okemwa


Microsoft recently rolled out a new feature to Excel in the Office Insider program, the IMAGE function which allows users to insert images directly into cells. Previously, when inserting images into cells the presentation was not seamless as they would float on top.

In addition, you will also be able to adjust and rearrange the cells which in turn makes it easier to perform tasks such as tracking inventories, creating employee dashboards, or building games and brackets. Therefore, to access this feature, you need to be part of the Insider program then type the following in the cell you want to insert the image:

=IMAGE(“”, “Sphere”)

However, this update does come with a couple of known issues. First up, is that you will not be able to insert images from sites that require authentification. Images may also appear distorted when zooming in and out of them within the cells. And finally, if you change devices while using this feature it might result in irregular image rendering.

This feature is currently available in preview versions of Excel as listed below:

  • Windows: Version 2209 (Build 15608.10000) or later
  • Mac: Version 16.65 (Build 22080701) or later
  • iOS: Version 2.65 (Build 22080701) or later
  • Android: 16.0.15608.10000 or later

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