Microsoft Excel for Mac introduces new Find All feature in beta

Rabia Noureen

Excel Custom Data Types

Microsoft has announced some important updates coming to Excel for Mac, with the desktop client getting the same “Find All” feature that is already available on Windows. The company says that Office insiders should now be able to use the Find All function to quickly manipulate specific matching values in their workbooks.

“This update helps you find what you’re looking for faster and more easily, because you can see a list of all the cells that contain your search term. No more having to click Find Next to check the cells one at a time,” the Office Insider team explained.

GIF showing how to navigate to a particular cell from the Find All dialog box in Excel for Mac.

To try out the Find All feature, press Control+F, enter of search term, and then click the “Find All” button. You will see a list of all the cells that contain the search term at the bottom of the Find and Replace dialog box. Finally, click any list item to select its corresponding cell in the worksheet.

In addition to the Find All feature, Microsoft has also detailed some improvements coming to the “Find and Replace” experience in Excel. It is now possible to edit data in the cells without closing the dialog box in the app.

Microsoft says that these improvements are currently available in preview to Office Insiders running version 16.56 (Build 21110701) or later on Mac. We hope that the company will gradually expand its availability to all Microsoft 365 customers in the coming months.