Microsoft Excel crosses 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Android Store

Laurent Giret

Excel for Android Featured

Microsoft Excel has now joined Word, OneDrive, and Skype in the group of Microsoft apps that have been downloaded more than 1 billion times on Android (via Android Police). Interestingly, that makes Excel more popular than Google Sheets, an alternative spreadsheet app that has now reached 500+ million download on the Play Store.

Excel isn’t the sexiest app in the 1 billion downloads club on Android, but the app is getting great support for Microsoft and there’s also the Office Insider program for power users looking to get early access to new features. Microsoft having some popular apps on Android is good news as the company just announced its own Android dual-screen device, the Surface Duo. Excel and other productivity apps should be well suited to dual-screen devices, though it remains to be seen how Microsoft is going to optimize Excel for this new form factor.

We’re looking forward to see what is the next Microsoft app to cross 1 billion download on Android. You can’t see detailed statistics on the Google Play Store, but both PowerPoint and OneNote are currently above the 500 million downloads mark.