Microsoft named a “visionary” for Enterprise Mobility Suite

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft Campus

Even though we all love Microsoft, it’s not the only company that’s competing for the attention of customers. In order to separate all of the competition in various fields, information technology research and advisory company Gartner likes to put out what’s called the Magic Quadrant. This is a graph that puts all of the competition in a certain field and tells investors where that company stands, and what it’s accomplishing. Generally speaking, a solid spot on the Gartner Magic Quadrant is a good sign.

In the magic quadrant regarding Enterprise Mobility Management, Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite was able to land itself a place firmly  in the “Visionary” quadrant. If you aren’t familiar with the Enterprise Mobility Suite, it’s essentially an array of different services that offer secure solutions for companies with mobile device management in mind, offering services like Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory Premium.

The suite’s place on this quadrant compliments Microsoft with a completeness of vision that’s ahead of the curve, but says that their ability to execute that still needs to be worked on. Companies like IBM, BlackBerry, and VMWare AirWatch all managed to stay around the same “completeness of vision” ballpark, but Gartner determined that they were more able to carry out some of the things they wanted to accomplish. The quadrant was made with data that’s relatively up to date, marking itself as a June 2016 graph. Whether or not Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite proves itself able to excel in its execution in the near future is yet to be seen.