Microsoft enhances update experience for Microsoft 365 Apps

Kevin Okemwa

microsoft 365

Microsoft has announced that they will be enhancing the update experience for Microsoft 365 Apps. Previously, users would constantly receive pop-up notifications informing them that they need to update their applications which would at times cause disruptions, especially when working on something.

But this is all about to change as Microsoft has incorporated an optimization that will automatically make these updates for you, ultimately ensuring that users continue to get access to enhancements made on the applications, extended support as well as security.

With this enhanced update experience, updates will be made when your device is idle or in lock mode. What’s more, this is regardless of whether you have the applications that need updates running or not. Microsoft terming this as “update under lock‘ that runs on Click-To-Run technology.

With the update under lock feature, you will no longer have to worry about losing your work when Office apps automatically update. It will only make these updates when it is “safe” to do so, then restore any apps it closed while making the update, all this within four seconds.

There are no admin controls for this feature. Microsoft is always optimizing your updates experience, and this thoroughly tested feature lives under the hood to make your life easier.

Be sure to also check out Microsoft’s blog for more information regarding safety and controls as well as who this feature will affect. Share your thoughts with us regarding this new update experience for Microsoft 365 Apps in the comment section.