Microsoft ends Zune service but you can still get the Zune software

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft’s digital music service Zune was recently shut down. However, that doesn’t mean owners of Zune hardware are stuck in limbo with no way to access content on their devices. For now, it looks like the Zune software download is still an option. Keep in mind the service has reached end of life. However, by using the Zune software you can still transfer MP3 content to and from your Zune (DRM music connected to a subscription will no longer play).
The Zune brand surfaced in late 2006 to compete toe to toe against a growing iPod and iTunes wave of popularity. At the time, Zune consisted of a handheld MP3 player and a music streaming subscription service called a ‘Zune Music Pass’ that could be accessed via software on a Windows PC, Xbox 360 and eventually a Windows Phone.
As Microsoft transitions its streaming music for a third time, it is finally cutting ties to its dated streaming paradigm. While the software and Zune devices were an arguably a better fit than what’s being offered for many, the delivery mechanism was tied to an old way of doing things. Zune devices required on-device storage of content, plug-n-play access of content and DRM-related account check-ins. With Microsoft’s new Groove service, users can grab and distribute music over-the-air to multiple devices at once, without using up precious storage space.
For those looking to switch finally over to using the built-in music client Groove Music for Windows 10, please view our many pieces covering it at length or visit Microsoft official site for more info.
via Reddit