Microsoft encourages Xbox gamers to “be a hero from home,” with 2,000 Microsoft Rewards points, chance to donate to CDC foundation

Arif Bacchus

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, Microsoft has a new way to encourage Xbox gamers to stay home to help stop the spread of the virus. Here in the United States, we’re currently seeing a “be a hero from home” punch card in the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox, which rewards a total of 2,000 points for checking out the offer and then earning an achievement in any game.

As seen in the featured image above, this punch card not only encourages people to stay home and enjoy Xbox but it also is aimed around the company’s Coronavirus response. After the 2,000 point punch card for checking out the offer, and then earning an achievement in a game is complete, Microsoft urges you to donate your newly earned loot with a third punch.

Clicking on the final punch will take you to a page where you donate the points to the CDC Foundation. Microsoft says that it will match any donation, but this part is completely optional. After you earn the 2,000 points, they are yours to keep, regardless if you want to donate or not.

Of course, it’s obviously best to do your part and help donate to a good cause as Microsoft intends, but you can also use the points for other things like Xbox gift card, too. If you happen to see this offer and donate, let us know in the comments below.