Microsoft Employee Accused of Stealing $10K in Software


A Microsoft employee (now former employee) faces felony charges for apparently shoplifting nearly ten thousand dollars worth of software from the Microsoft campus store and selling it on eBay.

As the Seattle PI reports, Microsoft employee, Ulugbek Shodmonov, 31, shoplifted nearly ten thousand dollars worth of software from the Redmond campus store. He apparently sold the software before he was caught by Microsoft’s security.

From what the Redmond Police know, the suspect acquired the software by taking items from a secured room that is accessible only to employees via key cards. He then loaded them into a laptop bag he had placed in a changing room. He would then walk over to a changing room in the store’s gift shop area where he had placed a laptop computer bag prior to his arrival. He would then leave the store with the items without making any purchases.

During the investigation, it was discovered that Shodmonov has sold 17 copies of various Microsoft software and 18 Xbox 360 games on eBay.

Shodmonov was charged April 26 with first-degree theft for stealing $9,900 worth of software from Microsoft.