Microsoft Edge’s iOS app now lets you watch videos in picture-in-picture mode

Laurent Giret

Microsoft Edge app on ios

Microsoft Edge on iOS has just been updated with a great new feature. The version 42.9.0 of the app, which is now generally available after some testing with beta users, lets you watch videos in picture-in-picture mode while you’re scrolling on a web page.

To try this new feature, you’ll need to go to Advanced Settings and turn on “Enable floating video.” We tried it in a random YouTube video and it worked as expected, and the cool thing is that you can move the floating video anywhere you want on the web page.

In addition to this new picture-in-picture mode, this latest update allows you to turn on the “NewsGuard” service which provides news ratings right on the address bar. Lastly, if you live in the US, you can also choose curated news from MSN Kids instead of the standard in the in-app News feed. You can download Microsoft Edge for iOS from the download link below.