Microsoft Edge to support encrypted sync for Microsoft 365 Business Basic customers

Laurent Giret

Super Duper Secure Mode

Microsoft Edge is adding support for encrypted sync for Microsoft 365 Business Basic customers. According to the Microsoft 365 Admin center, the new feature will start rolling out in January, and it will allow users to sync favorites, settings, addresses, passwords, extensions and collections in a secure way.

Microsoft Edge Enterprise sync is currently not supported in all Microsoft 365 commercial subscriptions as it depends on Azure Information Protection, which isn’t available on all plans. Microsoft 365 Business Basic (previously Office 365 Business Essentials) is the cheapest subscription plan for business at $5 per user per month, and it only includes the web and mobile versions of the Office apps.

Once encrypted sync for Microsoft Edge starts rolling out for Microsoft 365 Business Basic subscribers next year, Microsoft 365 admins will need to check the Microsoft Azure Rights Management Service settings to enable it manually. The data is encrypted in transport using TLS 1.2 or greater, and all data types are additionally encrypted at rest in Microsoft’s service using AES128.

Microsoft sees enterprise sync as a selling point for Edge, which is the only web browser to support encrypted sync using a Microsoft 365 account. You can learn more about how to configure Microsoft Edge enterprise sync on this support page.