Microsoft Edge starts testing open tabs and history sync on Android

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Edge Logo

Last month, Microsoft Edge Canary gained a new feature that allows users to sync browsing history and open tabs across devices. Now it appears that the company is introducing the same capability to the mobile version of the browser. According to Windows Central, the new feature is rolling out gradually to select users running Edge beta version on Android.

The Android version of Edge already allows users to sync favorites, passwords, and form data. The feature works across different devices and platforms, including Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. However, the new open tabs and history sync experience will make it easier for users to continue where they left off.


To enable history and open tabs sync, open the browser on your phone and head to the Settings menu. Next, tap on your email address, select the “Sync” option, and check the Open Tabs and History options. Finally, restart your browser and wait for a couple of mins for history or tabs to sync.

Again, the feature is currently in beta testing, and it’s not clear when the option will be offered to all mobile users. Microsoft says that syncing browsing history across devices is one of the most requested features. Apparently, the company is also working on introducing the ability to sync your payment options across devices. We hope that Edge users will begin seeing these capabilities enabled with future builds.