Microsoft Edge highlighted in Windows 10 promotion and gets improved F12 tools

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Microsoft Edge highlighted in Windows 10 promotion and gets improved F12 tools

Microsoft is releasing a series of videos with the theme of “DO” in the run up to the Windows 10 launch. The latest video highlights Microsoft Edge as a benefit of upgrading to Windows 10 by listing its main features. Those features are probably familiar to readers but in short they are:

Cortana integration – On certain websites, Cortana will pop up on the toolbar to indicate she has more information about the page. For example, if a user is looking at a restaurant website and clicks on Cortana, she will bring up handy information like menus, how to get there, etc.

Reading Lists – This feature allows users to view a webpage in reading mode which removes any distractions such as adverts and allows the reader to concentrate on the content.

In-search answers – An example of this is, if the word “weather” is typed into the address bar, the current weather will appear in the search results.

Website annotation – Edge allows users to write directly on the page with either a finger or pen.

Additionally, Microsoft has announced improved F12 developer tools for the browser of Windows 10. They have included UserVoice suggestions and the documentation is available on GitHub. Here’s a rundown on the new additions to the tools:

Improved CSS editing workflow

CSS files are now exposed via the Debugger’s file picker which will allow a user to search and select any CSS file referenced on the HTML markup. Once selected, the CSS file can be edited in the Debugger text editor.

CSS file selection


Cookie information is now detailed in a folder in the Debugger. Selecting a frame from the folder will open up a table view of its cookies. This will allow a user to edit existing cookies or create new ones.

Cookie editing

Web storage

Similar to cookies, session and local storage are shown in the Debugger. Selecting them will allow a user to edit and inspect them.

Web storage


When this feature is enabled by the user, it allows them to see a preview of features that aren’t yet officially available. In this build, the experimental feature is JavaScript file editing in the debugger source viewer. As a user makes changes to the JavaScript code, an asterisk is placed beside the name of the file to indicate it has not yet been saved. When saved (Ctrl+S) the new file can be compared side by side to the original by using a diff command.


As can be seen with the experiments feature, Microsoft is still improving the tools and they still want your input. If you’re a keen web developer, it’s certainly worth your while letting Microsoft know your thoughts.