Microsoft Edge enhances user privacy with 5GB of free built-in VPN

Pranav Bhardwaj

edge extend support for Windows server 2012

Microsoft Edge, the popular web browser, now offers 5GB free built-in VPN every month when you sign in to Microsoft Edge with your personal Microsoft Account. Edge comes with a one-click VPN service powered by CloudFlare, designed to provide users with an added layer of privacy.

Previously, Edge VPN offered users a mere 1GB of free data, which proved insufficient for modern browsing needs. However, Microsoft has now addressed this limitation and increased the default quota to a more generous level.

The updated Microsoft Edge Support documentation officially confirms the change that was initially spotted by Edge Insiders last month.

edge 5gb free vpn

It’s worth noting that Edge VPN is not designed to be an always-on VPN solution. Microsoft positions it as an additional security measure, particularly useful when visiting unsecured HTTP websites or connecting to open Wi-Fi networks. While the increased data allowance offers more flexibility, users seeking unlimited traffic or specific location-based browsing may find a dedicated VPN service to be a more suitable option, especially for streaming services.

Microsoft Edge’s built-in VPN provides users with a convenient and accessible tool to enhance their privacy and security while browsing. The increased 5GB data allocation demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to improving the user experience and providing more substantial resources to meet the evolving needs of its users.

Whether you need an extra layer of protection while accessing unsecured websites or connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, Microsoft Edge’s VPN feature offers a user-friendly solution. While it may not cater to all VPN requirements, it serves as a valuable built-in tool that complements the browser’s robust feature set.

Via: Neowin