Latest Microsoft Edge Dev release brings improvements for Immersive Reader experience ahead of final version 94 builds

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Edge Dev

It’s a bit late of a release, but Microsoft just pushed out the weekly Microsoft Edge Dev Channel build. This week’s build is fairly minor once more, but it does bring some improvements for the Immersive Reader. We have a look at all that, and everything you need to know in this latest version 94.0.982.2 release.

We start first with the added features. In Immersive Reader, Microsoft added an option to make the columns of text wider. Other than that, also new in the build is a settings page for accessibility settings. Microsoft even added support for viewing favorites in Application Guard windows when the feature is in Standalone Mode. Check below for everything else new.

  • Added a management policy to control if Only On Premises Implicit Signin is Enabled, which controls if only on-premises accounts are allowed to use implicit sign-in.
  • Added an entry to the Share popup on the context menu.
    Enabled SSO on Linux.
  • Re-enabled tab sharing capabilities in WebView2 apps.

When it comes to the reliability fixes and changed behaviors, there’s a bunch to note this week. There are fixes with crashes in Collections, the situation where adding all tabs to a Collections might cause a crash, and crashes when selecting tabs with the Touchbar on Mac. Other fixes cover crashes with pop ups, PWAs, issue with deleting collections. We included the full list below.

  • Fixed an issue where deleting a Collection sometimes causes the Collections pane to go blank.
  • Improved searching for text in PDFs.
  • Fixed another issue on Mac where the Passwords page is blank.
  • Fixed an issue where the Online voices aren’t available to use in Read Aloud.
  • Fixed an issue where the Read Aloud controls sometimes don’t respond to input.
  • Fixed an issue where Print Preview sometimes shows fewer pages than are in the PDF.
  • Fixed an issue where context menu options sometimes don’t work when they should.
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where the media Touchbar doesn’t appear when playing a video.
  • Fixed an issue where opening a Collection in a Tab Group results in some of the tabs not being in a Tab Group.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shopping popup keeps opening in a loop while on certain websites.
  • Fixed an issue where closing tabs while downloads are pending sometimes causes the current window to have no tabs, and the current one is non-functional.
  • Fixed an issue where websites that are supposed to open in IE mode sometimes fail to open.
  • Fixed an issue where certain data sometimes isn’t imported from another browser when it should.
  • Fixed an issue where automatic HTTPS upgrades try to upgrade pages on the local network like those for internet router management.
  • Fixed an issue where certain accessibility settings don’t persist across sessions when they should.
  • Fixed an issue where the Force option for the Browser Signin management policy doesn’t work.
  • Downloads of unsafe file types are now disabled if they’re initiated from a secure page but the download itself occurs via an insecure transport.

Known issues as the same as the past. We don’t have much to add there, and remind you to check our previous coverage if your want to learn more. We also want to note that it looks that this could be the end for version 94 in the Dev channel. Microsoft says that next week the final builds for version 94 will go up, following the 4 week release cycle.

Other than that, however, Microsoft is also working on a new enhanced inking experience for Microsoft Edge via a web API. The company says that in initial experiments, inking saw up to 240% reduction in latency. The improvements can help reduce the latency between the tip of a physical stylus and ink as it’s drawn on the screen. It’s already available in the Edge Dev channel and you can learn more about that here.