Microsoft Edge Canary can now require authentication before autofilling passwords

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft is updating its Edge browser to let users automatically enter passwords into forms more securely. Indeed, the company is currently testing the ability to lock auto-fills for passwords behind user authentication. The feature was spotted by Reddit user u/Leopeva64-2 in Microsoft Edge Canary (version 91.0.849.0) and it appears to be available for select Insiders at the moment.

With the new feature, the browser will now require on-the-spot user authentication before autofilling passwords to sign into a website. The feature is still under testing, and it may not be available to everyone yet as part of the company’s controlled rollout plans. We don’t have it on our Windows 10 devices either.


When the feature rolls out to your device, it can be found under Settings >> Profiles > Passwords. Under the “Sign in” section, you will find a new “Require authentication” option that contains a toggle for user authentication. Once enabled, the browser will prompt you to enter your computer’s password before autofilling password fields.

Microsoft Edge’s new autofill experience has been designed to make logins more secure on the web. This change is absolutely something that should have been around since day one. It adds an extra layer of security and makes it harder for unauthorized people to use saved passwords to log into websites. Have you spotted the new autofill authentication option on your PCs? Sound off in the comments down below.