Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev get a new flyout menu for viewing site information

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has begun rolling out a new flyout menu for viewing site information in its browser. The feature was first discovered by a Reddit user, Leopeva64-2, and it is currently being tested by Edge Canary and Dev Insiders in a controlled rollout.

For those unfamiliar, the site info menu in Microsoft Edge helps users to validate the authenticity of a specific website. It enables users to check the connection, security, certificate validity, blocked trackers, and other parameters that may not be visible otherwise. Users can also customize the site access permissions within the browser through the site permissions settings.

The new flyout menu has been designed to make it consistent with the redesigned flyout menus for managing history, favorites, Collections, and downloads. It comes with some additional controls, including a clickable “Connection is secure” label, which provides details about the security of a website. In addition, Edge users will now be able to allow or block site permissions like Microphone and Notifications directly from the menu.

This change is rolling out gradually to Edge Insiders, and it will likely be made available to all Edge users in a future release. Besides this, Microsoft Edge has recently added a new search by voice option to the New Tab Page. It brings the ability to search the web with their voice rather than with a keyboard or mouse.