Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev channels get a redesigned Favorites experience

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft has announced a new Favorites experience for its Edge browser. Listening to user feedback, the company says the new experience provides a more efficient way to quickly access and manage your favorites without losing the context of the page you’re on.

Currently, on the Canary and Dev channels, this Favorites experience combines Edge’s dropdown menu with a new tree view. This is so you can “edit, organize, and search your favorites in-line without having to go to the full page.” Microsoft made it so that the menu stays out of the way when you don’t need it, and clear and concise when you do need it.

Old New Faves Edge

In addition to this, Microsoft also added some new tools to the favorites menu: You’ll not only see options to reorder, rename, and edit, but you’ll see some new abilities. This includes favorites and folders directly from the dropdown menu, sort, import, or export your favorites, remove duplicate items, and much more.

More important, though, you can now pin your favorites in a pane alongside the browser. You’ll now have the ability to see all your favorites, right as you browse. However, you can still see the immersive full-screen favorites experience, too. You can do this by clicking on the favorites menu button and selecting Manage favorites.

It’s really great to see that Microsoft has listened to user feedback and tweaked this experience. We’re hoping that there are newer features on the way, too.